The Mental Twin. Stereoscopic Consultancy. Oil Painting for Victor Lopez-Rua


The Mental Twin, is about a new way of perceiving the pictorial image, in particular the representational image. This form constitutes an original language, which is stereoscopic painting. To begin this journey of exploration, we will be imbued with a context of confrontation and dialogue between the artistic and the technological, through an installation that unites painting and technique again through stereoscopic science. “Tridimensionalismo” -as I have baptized this plastic language- pretends that painting, understood as a specific medium, accompanies 3D technology on its journey to the other side of the mirror, ignoring whether that destiny will mean its own dissolution as art.

For 3D Experiences, Enrique Criado led all the stereoscopic consultancy, photography and also handled all editing and post-production of the making of 3D film.